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Bridge Film Fest is a new concept in the world of film festivals and truly one of the most significant cultural events in Mitrovica. Its main goal is to bridge the communities, foster better understanding and communication amongst diverse cultures in Mitrovica. Some people might picture Mitrovica as city of the conflicts. City divided politically by people and geographically by its river, hence divided into the Northern and Southern part. However, one should never forget its rich culture and history but what is more important the warm-hearted people living in it. The First Edition of the Bridge Film Fest marked the first meeting point between the divided communities, since the conflict in 1999. As an example to this our moto is “Welcome to the Other Side” reflects the welcoming nature of this event, a moto that we believe it will bring the divided communities together, but not only communities living in Mitrovica or Kosovo, but all the people around the globe. This year Bridge Film Fest continues its activities and has set up the clear objectives to successfully implement the third Edition of the Bridge Film Fest. We are happy to invite all of you to join us on the other side on 21-25 September 2016.
Color Art Team